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Morzine Childcare

Morzine Creche

This local creche is situated in the centre of Morzine and offers great value childcare. Fully renovated in 2007, the creche accepts children between the ages of 3 months – 5 years. The creche is split into 2 main areas. Firstly, the baby area (3 months – 18 months) has a toy room, nappy changing facility, bottle sterilizing / warming area, and 3 separate sleeping rooms with cots. The toddler area (18 months – 5 years) has a toy room, activity room, dining room, and 3 separate sleeping areas. The nursery staff speak english.

morzine childcare
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Morzine British Nanny Services

Cheeky Monkeys Childcare 00 33 450 750548

Morzine Kids 00 33 684 064098